Dental Crowns area usually indicated in cases where a large amount of tooth has been lost.

A crown or a cap as they are commonly called is a lab made customized false tooth which fits on top of your tooth, once the existing tooth has been adjusted.

Porcelain/ceramic crowns can restore the structure of a tooth which has been lost back to normal.

If a tooth is rotated or in an unfavourable position, a crown can sometimes be used to improve this.

When would I need a Dental Crown?

Immediate dentures are used when you have an extraction, following which the dentures is placed straight away. They can be as a long term option, or as a temporary prior to an implant or bridge

Implant retained denture. This kind of denture is fantastic when you have a lack of bone/gum support to retain the denture. Implants are placed followed by a denture which sticks to the implants. They are very stable and provide great aesthetics.

What are Dentures made from?

Dentures can be made from 2 materials either acrylic or a metal chrome. Acrylic dentures are made from a plastic resin, they are a quick and simple to make. They are a comfortable and provide great aesthetics. Chrome dentures are more precise and provide a greater retention and stability also with enhance aesthetics. They can take slightly longer to make as there are a few more stages involved.

Benefits of a Denture

Dentures are a great way to replace 1 or more missing teeth in a simple and quick method. They are relatively cheap to make and fit when compared to an implant or a bridge. They help restore the appearance and function of your teeth and prevent the movement of other teeth into the gaps where teeth have been lost. They can also prevent your cheeks and lips from sinking in when a number of teeth have been lost. If teeth are lost later on in life they can simply be added to your existing denture.

A Dental crown is normally indicated if you have the following:


Lost a large amount of tooth to decay or a fracture, a crown can be used to bring the tooth back to normal and strengthen it for the long term


Following a root canal treatment which has left to tooth weak and vulnerable to further fracture


Following the placement of an implant, a special implant crown is normally placed


If a tooth is worn due to erosion or grinding, a crown will help restore the tooth and prevent against further wear


A tooth which has discoloured or shows poor aesthetics, a ceramic crown can be used to improve its appearance


What is a Crown and what is it made of?

A crown is a lab made false tooth which fits over your existing tooth once it has been adjusted. There are three types of crown available


All ceramic crowns are crowns made of only white ceramic. It is the highest quality crown available and as there is no metal, it provides the very best aesthetics. If over time the gum does recede, no unsightly grey margins are visible


Porcelain fused to metal crowns consists of a metal core on top of which ceramic porcelain is bonded. This kind of crown can work well, over time however if the gum recedes a grey line where the metal is can sometimes be seen


Gold crown are normally placed on back teeth where there is a minimal amount of space in the bite as they are very thin. Due to their poor aesthetics however they are no longer commonly used unless indicated.

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