We provide our patients with a full examination inclusive of any relevant x-rays and photographs. This initial consultation can last up to one hour and includes the following assessments.

This is the joint which allows your jaw to move. It is a very complicated joint which can be damaged with long term tooth grinding

This joint, one on either side are fully assessed for any deviations and clicking.

What is a dental veneer?

Facial Muscles


There are a number of muscles that make up the mouth and face. These can have problems such as lumps and weakness. These muscles are assessed and if any further investigations are necessary, this can be arranged


Soft Tissues/Cheeks and Lips


All our Dentists and Hygienists carry out full oral cancer screening of our new and regular patients’ on a 6 monthly basis. We carry out a full assessment of the soft tissues inside your mouth to make sure nothing abnormal is developing. It is very important to catch lesions developing in the mouth at the early stages to increase treatment success rates.




The tongue is also included in the oral cancer screening as well as an assessment of tongue hygiene as it can be related to bad breath (halitosis).



A full examination of the gums is carried out to assess for gingivitis (gum inflammation) as well as gum disease. Referrals’ are made to our highly skilled dental hygiene therapists if necessary.




There are a number of different problems including sensitivity, breakages, leaking filling and cavities which can be found. All the teeth are assessed individually and charted on our records. Any relevant photographs and radiographs are also taken so that cavities and other disease are not missed.




The way your teeth come together is very important. If they come together in an uneven manner, or there are interferences in the bite, this can lead to muscle and joint problems. If undiagnosed and left it can also lead to teeth breaking which can lead to further problems as well as cost!

Advanced Cosmetic Smile Analysis

If you are considering extensive dental work to enhance the appearance of your teeth as well as their function, we recommend you to have a full cosmetic smile analysis. As well as including everything in the routine dental examination, we carry out an extensive assessment of your smile and make recommendation on what can be carried out to enhance this.
The assessment normally involves:

  • Assessment of lips in relation to the teeth (smile line)
  • Assessment of how much tooth shows at rest and when smiling
  • The shape/position of your teeth relative to your lips and each other
  • Assessment of the inclination of your teeth. This can affect how light it reflected which in turn affects how white your teeth look.
  • Assessment of the colour texture and suitability for whitening and other procedures
  • Assessment of other factors (diet/oral hygiene)

This assessment can last up to an hour and a half. It will enable us to put together a comprehensive treatment plan which we can present to you and discuss. It will enable you to know how long treatment will take and know exactly what will take place at each stage of your treatment

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